Environmental Commitment

American Land Development is commited to being an environmentally responsible company

American Land Development - Environmental CommitmentWe appreciate that diligence in the protection of our environment is essential to our communities as well as to our business. A safe and healthy ecosystem is vital to all living things and this premise is the driving force behind our commitment to extend our efforts well beyond compliance and achieve excellence. American Land Development is a leader in the use of innovative planning concepts that safeguard our environment, preserve meaningful open space, improve air and water quality and advance the value of life within our communities.

Our Objectives

The following objectives are strictly followed as we proceed with planning, building and maintaining our communities:

  • Work with municipal officers, and if necessary, specialists and consultants to maximize potential for identified environmental protection opportunities
  • Comply with or exceed requirements of all applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • Design communities that demonstrate the following stipulated environmental goals and benefits:
    • Preserve open space and minimize land disturbance
    • Protect sensitive natural wildlife, features and processes
    • Where possible, incorporate natural features into site design
    • Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity
    • Implement innovative storm water management to improve water quality
    • Evaluate ways to improve air thermal and acoustic environments
    • Minimize strain on local infrastructure
  • Investigate new methods of design that will aid in the balance of the changing needs of development with a commitment to environmental protection
  • Create communities that will continuously work toward a more environmentally effective tomorrow by increasing the quality of life today